The Study of Meditation

on the Mind/Body

October 1-5, 2018

This course is open to both FICS degree-seeking students and individuals who would like to audit the course.

There are two auditing options:

Seminar Only

All Day Intensive

The Study of Meditation on the Mind/Body
with Paula Artac, DMin

This core class is an initiation; a theoretical, mystical and prophetic journey into the realm of perception, consciousness, mindfulness, mysticism and creativity – the components of art as meditation. The practice of art as meditation is a fundamental element of the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality. 

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Mind, Meditation and Mystical Prayer or as an elective.

Art as Meditation
Creative Process & Practices
with Paula Artac, DMin

Experiencing the creative process through art making, integrates the mind, body and spirit by a non-verbal access to the creative energies of the psyche. The Personal Symbol Development process developed by the instructor, Dr. Artac, invites each student to begin an individualized, meditative, and creative journey, beginning with the most structured of art media, pencil and paper, progressing through various media such as oil pastel, watercolor and clay.


New and returning FICS degree seeking students.

To audit either the Seminar class only or the daylong Intensive.

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