Science and Faith:

The Emerging

New Cosmology

November 5-9, 2018

This course is open to both FICS degree-seeking students and individuals who would like to audit the course.

There are two auditing options:

Seminar Only

All Day Intensive

Science and Faith: The Emerging New Cosmology
with Larry Edwards, PhD

Based on our ancestors’ knowledge and stories of the last few thousand years our current cosmologies have served us reasonably well. By that is meant that it has, as Thomas Berry noted, “provided a context in which life can function in a meaningful manner.” Over the last few centuries however much has been learned about the past, the deep past, which challenges our assumptions of Earth’s and our own deep past. From this new knowledge is emerging a cosmology consistent with Earth’s and humans’ diversity, complexity, and creativity so that all Earth life could indeed “function in a meaningful manner.”

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Emerging New Cosmology or as an elective.

Art as Meditation
Emergence: Dancing With the Divine
with Robyn Hubbard, DMin.

In this art as meditation we will use expressive movement, dance, and art to explore creativity and imagination as evolving and creative beings.  We will use the paths of awe and wonder, darkness and release, creative unfolding and transformation as our gateways into our becoming as creatures on this planet and within the context of the emerging cosmology.  We will create a safe and sacred sanctuary for dancing with the divine.  No dance experience is necessary, just a willingness to be with your own creative emergence, in community with others.

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New and returning FICS degree seeking students.

To audit either the Seminar class only or the daylong Intensive.

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