Degree and Course Concentrations

Students can choose to concentrate in:

or without a concentration and take more electives.

Master of Spirituality​

7 master’s classes | 7 electives | thesis

This master’s program is designed to familiarize students with the four paths of Creation Spirituality in tandem with students’ own spiritual practice and spirituality.

It provides an overview of the different yet complementary aspects of the four paths, with a view to anchoring students in the creative and transformative paradigm of Creation Spirituality.


  • Introduction to Creation Spirituality

  • The Emerging New Cosmology

  • Deep Ecumenism: Interspirituality and the Wisdom Traditions

  • Reinvention of Work, Leadership and Culture

  • Mystics East and West

  • Eco-Spirituality and Earth Retreat

  • Mind, Meditation and Mystical Practices

Plus, seven electives and a master’s thesis



Community Leadership

5 master’s classes | 5 leadership | 2 electives | thesis/practicum

This concentration builds on the foundation of the Master of Spirituality with explicit emphasis on its connections to the roles and challenges of community leadership.

This concentration helps students in discerning how their spiritual calling and prophetic vocations can best serve the various community contexts in which they work, from the demands of ministry and social services, to volunteer and paid work in non-profit programs and community initiatives, to continuing and adult education and multiple forms of social action.


  • Ritual Making and Worship

  • Spiritual Care of Community

  • Empowering Gifts and Call

  • Business Practices of Community

  • Education for Spiritual Growth

Plus, two electives and a master’s thesis and/or practicum

Master’s practicum:

Students will work with an assigned advisor in their concentration and collaborate with community organizations for hands-on work that draws from the principles of Creation Spirituality. They must demonstrate how themes and principles of Creation Spirituality apply to their work in the world through personal dialogue with their advisor, which will in turn contribute to their master’s practicum.

Sacred Activism

7 master’s classes | 5 concentration classes | 2 electives | practicum

We live in times when, increasingly, people are feeling called to confront injustice. From Black Lives Matter to Occupy Wall Street to Standing Rock, many people are feeling called to bring forth a different kind of world. But what is the spiritual grounding for these movements?

In the Creation Spirituality tradition, the prophet is understood as a mystic in action—and there is a particular emphasis on the work of the prophet, the spiritual warrior, to combat injustice.

Rooted in the work of such prophetic voices as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, the Sacred Activism program at FICS seeks to provide a space for students who wish to pursue work in the world that addresses and confronts injustice. This is hands-on activist work with a spiritual lens through which to express this labor.

Sacred activism can include more than traditional forms of activism and clerical roles. It also fosters a healthy and supportive community for educators, artists, healers and others who seek to create a more just, sustainable and compassionate world.


  • Voices for Change

  • Theology of Social Justice

  • Spiritual Care of Community

  • Engaging Poverty

  • Crucial Contemporary Issues

Plus, two electives and master’s practicum

Ecological Justice

7 master’s classes | 5 concentration classes | 2 electives | practicum

Our species faces challenges today that are unique in human history. There is no greater challenge for humanity—indeed, no greater issue of justice—than the ecological crisis. This is a no mere technological failure; rather, this is a problem of story, a crisis in the deep narratives about who we are and our relationship to the earth and other living beings.

In the Creation Spirituality tradition, ecology is understood as the local expression of the greater story of the universe. The Eco-justice concentration at FICS is rooted in the universe story, in the embracing of creation as a blessing, and in the prophetic and creative work of bringing forth new narratives and more vibrant and compassionate communities.

Students in this concentration will learn about various ways that creation-centered spiritual traditions understand the relationship between human and the rest of creation, and will be guided toward the work in the world that sacralizes Earth.


  • Mythology, Cosmology and Storytelling

  • Science and Spirituality

  • Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land

  • Indigenous Wisdom

  • Spirituality and Sustainability Practices

Plus, two electives and master’s practicum


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