Judaism and Kabbalistic

Teachings for Our Time

December 3-7, 2018

This course is open to both FICS degree-seeking students and individuals who would like to audit the course.

There are two auditing options:

Seminar Only

All Day Intensive

Judaism and Kabbalistic Teachings for Our Time

with Rabbi Victor Gross, PhD and Rabbi Nadya Gross, MA

Kabbalah is the ancient esoteric or mystical tradition of Judaism. In recent times it has become a source for seekers in many spiritual paths and traditions. It is a tradition that involves mind and heart and, in a certain way, tries to heal the broken relationship between the two.

Kabbalah is both a mystical theology and a religious psychology or soul work. It speaks to the interior of beings and Being.

While ancient in its origins, Kabbalah unfolded in various places and over time. It includes both a vast literature, once studied only by the most pious of Jewish men and now becoming more available in translation, and oral traditions transmitted through the motherline.

This course is a quest to find that which is relevant for people who are on a spiritual path in our time. 

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Mystics East and West or as an elective.

Art as Meditation
Soul Storybooks
with Judith Dack, MA

We will spend our afternoons integrating Kabbalistic mysteries as we unfold the story of our own soul journeys towards awakening. Using varied artist materials we will create our Soul Storybooks through an altered book making experience. As we transform these books we transform ourselves. Easy access to the creative process guaranteed for all artists and non-artists as well.

Join Art as Meditation facilitator Judith Dack, MA, artist, art therapist and counselor of transpersonal psychology. Judith creates spiritual community building art programs using the transformative powers of art making in combination with chanting, meditating and writing. She has served the Jewish Renewal movement in various leadership and faculty positions around the country. Judith is a graduate of Naropa University where she currently serves as a Trustee.


New and returning FICS degree seeking students.

To audit either the Seminar class only or the daylong Intensive.

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