Judaism’s encounter with leadership: Lessons learned; Attributes desired 


Over the thousands of years, the Jewish community in their land and in the Diaspora experienced many forms of leadership including prophets, kings and queens, priests, and rabbis (teachers). There was much reflection on the lessons learned and consideration was given to lessons learned and what to look for in leaders. And hovering above the experience was the Divine expectation that flowed through sacred texts. What did that Source contribute to the spiritual leadership that always seemed to be needed?

Rabbi Victor Gross is a congregational rabbi and educator dedicated to paradigm shifting and guided by these teachings of two sages:


    Morrie Schwartz, in Tuesdays With Morrie, says that “we must love one another or die.”

    Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi teaches that “in order to get it together we have to get together”.


Reb Victor serves as a Director of Studies and teacher of Deep Ecumenism, Jewish History, and Jewish Thought in the ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Ordination Program, training the next generation of paradigm-shifting rabbis, rabbinic pastors and cantors. He is co-Director and faculty of the Sage-ing® Legacy Program, and serves on the faculty of the Anamcara Project of the Sacred Art of Living Center for Spiritual Formation, a program which trains caregivers in the art, science and practice of sacred relationship through all stages of living and dying, drawing from many wisdom traditions and especially from Celtic spirituality.


Together with his beloved, Rabbi Nadya Gross, he serves as rabbi to Pardes Levavot: a Jewish Renewal Congregation in Boulder, CO practicing deep ecumenism with the Lutheran Church with which they share sacred space. They also co-direct Yerusha, a project devoted to creating and supporting programs inspired by Reb Zalman’s legacy that will carry his vision forward into the future. Victor is the author of Educating for Reverence: The Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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