Integration Group

Integration Group

Integration groups are scheduled for 75 minutes Monday through Thursday 4:45-6:00PM. The purpose of the group is to help integrate the days’ experiences and course material with one’s academic goals and work in the world. The integration group helps to provide support for the work of transformation and aids participants to voice their own emerging ideas and inspiration.

Integration Group meetings are not therapy groups but opportunities to integrate the learning experience. The intention is for all participants to have an opportunity to provide their own reflection without commentary or judgement from the group.  You can help that process by:

  • Practicing active listening (not fixing) and sharing and listening without cross-talk: In the short timeframe allowed, it is encouraged that people check-in and that members listen without re-directing the conversation to themselves by relating common experiences, offering suggestions or advise, etc. – unless specifically asked.  Your role in holding the sacred space (and silence) for insight to emerge for an individual is very important.


  • Expect participation by all members and allow time for such. If it seems your issue/topic needs more time to address, ask a FICS faculty/staff for support in finding other avenues for completion. A group member may serve as a time keeper to help the process move along as needed.

  • Keep confidentiality: “What you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here.”  The group is a time to build a cohesive, trusting and supportive community. Participants need to be able to address divergent opinions, wrestle with the day’s material and celebrate new awareness in a trusting environment.

Group will begin and end with a ritual/prayer/meditation to acknowledge the sacredness of the shared time.


Your leader may choose to utilize a talking stick or other structure that is unique to their style of facilitation.

Participants may choose to use one of the following (or the group may choose a topic for the whole group):

  • From today:

    • What inspired you?  

    • What awakened in you?

    • What confused you?

    • What inspired awe?

    • What pushed your comfort zone?

    • How did you encounter the Divine?

    • What inspired compassion in you?

    • Talk about your creative and/or artistic process.

  • Regarding your path of study:

    • How are you integrating the course material into your concentration?

    • How can you or are you integrating the coursework into your work/vocation?

    • Are there acts of compassionate action that are being seeded by your academic work?

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