Exploring Meaning, Creation and Gender

October 8-12, 2018

This course is open to both FICS degree-seeking students and individuals who would like to audit the course.

There are two auditing options:

Seminar Only

All Day Intensive

Exploring Meaning, Creation and Gender
with Celene Lillie, PhD

The myths and stories of “how-things-came-to-be” shape the ways in which we look at, encounter, and define our worlds. These stories serve to naturalize the order of things—to justify “the-way-things-are.” In this class we will look at stories from Greek and Roman mythology—such as the story of Pandora and the myths of Rome’s founding—to Jewish and Christian stories—like Adam and Eve—to indigenous tales of creation. In looking at these stories we will not only explore the ways in which they have shaped ideas about relationships between men and women, different peoples, and with the earth but think about ways to counter and reappropriate these stories, without misappropriating the stories of others.

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Ecological Justice or as an elective.





Art as Meditation
Personal Myths and the Faces of Being
with Aprylisa Snyder, MS

Find the inner ally/archetype that will free you from your current challenge. We will create a clay mask that melds you and your ally in form, color and symbols, then explore the faces of being through masks and movement. Throughout our journey we will experience the meditative conversation of inner inquiry and art making. Imagination, play and willingness are the only requirements needed. No previous artistic experience needed.


New and returning FICS degree seeking students.

To audit either the Seminar class only or the daylong Intensive.

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