As with any academically approved program, students must meet the minimum educational requirements at the time of admission. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required for admission to certificate and master’s programs. Doctoral program admission requires a master’s degree in any discipline, or its equivalent.

Here you can explore our programs and concentrations to earn certificatesmaster’s and doctorates, with emphasis on the seminar requirements. Each seminar is successfully completed in a five-day intensive, which includes a daily art as meditation class.

In addition to the core requirements of each degree or concentration, students also take electives to fulfill their requirements. These may be courses from other concentrations or unique classes offered specifically as an elective. You can view a list of upcoming seminars and art-as-meditation classes here.


Master’s degree: Prior to completion of a master’s, students complete a thesis or practicum to demonstrate how themes and principles of Creation Spirituality apply to their work in the world, were expressed in their practicum (if applicable) and explored through their concentration studies and research. The thesis or practicum provides students an opportunity to further the work/practice of Creation Spirituality in their own voice, with their own vision and in relation to the contemporary issues of our time.


DMin doctoral project: Doctoral scholars explore in-depth a concept, practice, communal experience or personal embodiment of Creation Spirituality. Students will be expected to develop a theoretical basis for a project, then describe, implement, report on, reflect on and evaluate the project. They must also demonstrate how themes and principles of Creation Spirituality apply to their work in the world and demonstrate knowledge and expertise through a written dissertation.


SpD doctoral dissertation and defense: Students can select dissertation topics that relate directly to the principles and paradigm of Creation Spirituality. The dissertation is primarily focused on original academic research that will also make an important contribution to the public knowledge of Creation Spirituality. This research will also incorporate and assimilate other creative work, teaching, spiritual practices or projects that contribute to the understanding of the chosen research topic. Students demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of the dissertation topic through a written dissertation, which is approved by a dissertation committee and meets all the academic guidelines as specified and completion of the Doctorate of Spirituality is contingent on a successful oral defense of the dissertation.

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